Urdu is approximately the twentieth most populous natively spoken language in the world, and is the national language of Pakistan and was introduced in 17th century in central Asia. The word Urdu is derived from Turkish word “ ordu ” meaning of army or camp. Urdu was used as code language by the Muslim soldiers in the conquest of Ancient India and Eastern Persia. These solider were Arabs, Turkish and Persian but majority was Persian.  That’s why Urdu become more common language among Asian countries especially in Pakistan, India and Kashmir.

The vocabulary of Urdu language contains 70% of the Persian vocabulary and rest is of Arabic and other native languages but the grammar of Urdu language contain elements of Arabic and Turkish. Urdu is a language written in the Persian-Arabic script, which is from right to left. Urdu of today also contains some vocabulary of English language and Hindi language because of the globalization.

In this course, we will teach the students basic grammar of Urdu, simple sentences with exercise. This will help the students those are living in foreign in reading and speaking the Urdu language with proper efficiency.

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  • 90 Days
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